Sessions cost 3.50 for Junior classes and 5 for Senior sessions.

Juniors are children aged 5 - 15 years old.
Seniors are aged 16 years +.

Membership (inclusive of insurance) is payable by the third session and costs 15 for Juniors and 20 for Seniors (valid for 12 months and renewed annually).

Martial art suits are available to purchase through the club however there is no rush. Students are able to grade for their first belt without a suit however they must wear an official Onna Ju-Jitsu Club suit for the Yellow belt gradings and above.

Gradings (exams) take place 3 times a year and are subject to students' attitude, ability and attendance.

For your first session, please wear something loose and comfortable: tracksuits bottoms/leggings and a t-shirt are perfectly fine. Also please bring a plastic bottle of water to keep hydrated. If you suffer from Asthma please bring your inhaler clearly marked with your name across the container. If you have any allergies, please hand in your EpiPen to the instructor at the beginning of each session.  If you have ADHD and require a fidget spinner or poppit aid, please speak to the instructor.
Please contact Sensei Mumtaz to book on to a class or if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

Sensei Mumtaz Khan, BSc (hons), MSc
Tel No: 07877466818
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