"Onna Jujitsu Club ran Springbank holiday activities for local children aged 6-13 yrs. The staff were well organised, efficient, reliable able and had a lovely manner with both children and young people. The activities provided were a complimentary blend of physical exercise and arts and craft activities."
The Club Comments
The Club
Helen Sims (Schools Project Manager) Communities & Schools Together
Comments from the participants included:
"I wanted to stay longer"
"It was really really good"
"They (staff) were very helpful & nice to us"
"I enjoyed the fun activities"
"What we made looks great"
"The best workshop I have been to"
"The time should have been longer so that we enjoy more"
"Sensei Faisal was very good & a fun person"
"I hope we will do this in the summer"
"I loved it when we did the arts & sports it is so exciting, I want to do it all day & all night"
Jill Cordingley P.E. Subject Leader & School Sports Co-Ordinator
Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College 
"I have used Mumtaz and her expertise in Jujitsu on a number of occasions in recent years to deliver taster sessions, assemblies and a lunchtime clubs with pupils from across years 7 through to 11. She has always maintained an absolute professionalism in her approach, built up excellent relationships with the pupils and the staff and continues to provide a reliable and expert service."
Hi Mumtaz,

Thank you very much for your work hard this week. Your sessions were brilliant. The students really enjoyed it.
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Niall O’Brien, Ryecroft Primary Academy PE Lead 
“Onna Ju-Jitsu Club last academic year was hugely successful for Ryecroft in terms of our health and well-being provision.  Our school was a hive of high quality physical education, school sport and physical activity opportunities.  Most notably, the wonderful experiences provided by Sensei Mumtaz Khan and colleagues from Onna Ju-Jitsu Club. 

Identifying Years 3 and 4 as the focus group, it was our intention to offer Ju-Jitsu to support and develop social skills and resilience of all pupils involved.  Over 60 pupils at Ryecroft were able to access 20 hours of taught Ju-Jitsu lessons focusing on not just physical skills, though more vitally inclusion, discipline, attitude and cultural diversity.  Pupils were able to demonstrate their progress towards White Belt and developed even further to achieve Yellow Belt status.

The 20 hours of lessons culminated in an amazing grading ceremony which boasted record numbers of parental/carer engagement. The ceremony and grading was a real highlight for pour school particularly in terms of our dedication to PE, Sport and Physical Activity.  Our commitment was also recognised after being not only nominated but winning ‘Whole School Improvement’ category at the Yorkshire PE and Sport Premium Awards 2019.  We have no doubt that the Ju-Jitsu program offered by Sensei Mumtaz was hugely significant in our success.  I will look forward to working with Onna Ju-Jitsu Club in the near future”.
Megan Inman (Student), Bradford
“I started Ju-Jitsu 6 weeks after a C-Section.  I was encouraged to join in by Sensei Mumtaz after taking my son down to for a class.  Initially I just thought there was no way I could it and thought of so many reasons why I couldn’t and now just over a year later - I love it!!!! There are still times that I say to myself ‘I can’t do that’ but with the help from Sensei I actually manage to do it.  There is so much support and help regardless of age, gender, size and colour.  I love my Ju-Jitsu family x”.
Sensei Saima Khan, Level 3 Coach
“I began Ju-Jitsu as an after-school club within my secondary school Feversham College. From Year Seven through to Year Eleven, I was practicing with the after-school club, which were terminated but this did not hinder my progression as I took up the opportunity to practice in classes outside of school at Girlington Community Centre, where we are based.

For many, Ju-Jitsu has allowed them to gain the confidence required for opening other doors for them within life just like it did for me. Ju-Jitsu allowed me to break cultural barriers, gain the confidence and courage to take on new challenges and experiences especially with my chosen career, Physiotherapy. Ju-Jitsu has had a very positive impact on my life. It was crucial to me that I attended my personal training sessions, it offered me an environment to detach and de-stress as sports has always acted as a stress-reliever for me. In addition to this, Ju-Jitsu had allowed me to engage in new friendships and meet new faces who are still a part of my life to this day.

Coaching for me, is a very important part of my life because as well as it being something I enjoy, it provides me with the opportunity to be a part of others’ lives teaching them a life skill and more. I find coaching very fulfilling upon seeing individuals’ accomplishments, supporting individuals the same way I was supported by Sensei Mumtaz. My students motivate me to coach them and better my own skills as well as theirs to ensure they have the best experience I could possibly give them”.
Jahanara Khan (Parent), Bradford
“My son started classes with Sensei Mumtaz over 5 years ago and my daughter started more recently.  They both really enjoy attending the classes where they are dealt with so much respect.

The club allows my children to progress at their own level in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  The classes always seem well structured, always start and finish on time and the atmosphere and encouragement given to all students is second to none.

Sensei Mumtaz and her team are amazing instructors, her years of experience and passion for the sport shows when she teaches.  I can’t praise the club highly enough.  The club encourages discipline, hard work, respect and teamwork.

I would highly recommend, and have already recommended Onna Ju-Jitsu Club to parents to help their children with developing confidence, discipline, control - all in a fun and safe environment”.
Nosh Rashid and Kash Shah (Parents), Bradford
“Our son Adam joined Onna Ju-Jitsu Club 2/3. Months ago.  This is one of the best clubs we have signed up for.  He absolutely loves attending his sessions and always leaves happy.  The sessions are also excellent value for money.  Sensei Mumtaz is very passionate about what she does and has an excellent relationship with her students.  We highly recommend this club”.