1. 25 Straight Throws
2. Counter to Throws
Senior Black Belt 1st dan (Shodan) Syllabus
Senior Black
Belt 1st dan
(Shodan) Syllabus
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Back to Belts
Hip Throw
Drawing Ankle
Shoulder Wheel
Full Shoulder
Body Drop Throw
3. Inside Leg Sweep
4. Seven Combination Throws
5. Lunge Punch, reverse punch to body and face
6. Kata of Blocks
7. Inside Forearm Block, followed by back Fist to Ear with Throw
8. Defence against Kicks
Hip Throw to Stamp Throw
Hip Throw to Leg Throw with Lock
Shoulder Wheel to Reclining Leg Throw
Body Drop to Front Scissors Throw
Half Shoulder to Rice Bale
Inside Hock to Lapel Throw
Cross Hock to Rear Throw
Defences against a Front Kick (4)
Defence against a Roundhouse Kick (2)
Defence against a Back Kick (2)
Defence against a Side Kick (2)
Defence against a Side Snap Kick (2)
9. One Handed Throat Throw
10. Attacking the Eyes and Ears
11. Using X block to stop punch to face, pull opponent onto roundhouse kick or roundhouse knee
12. Three Reverses Punches to three different opponents
13. Right and Left Upward Block with Throw
14. Three Punches to body, face and body again
15. Palm Heel Block, with attack, from various moves
16. The Open Hand and its uses
17. The Elbow and its uses
18. The Bottom Fist and its uses
19. The Students opinion of the four most effective and dangerous throws in the repertoire
20. Four most used kicks in Ju-Jitsu (Kicking kata)
21. Continuous Fighting
22. Random Attacks
23. Revision
24. General Anatomy
(Student to submit a completed written test).