1. Loin or Hip Wheel
Senior Blue and White Belt Syllabus
Senior Blue
and White
Belt Syllabus
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2. Variations on Holding Down 
2 Katas
5 Holds
3. Scissors and Naked Choke Hold (3)
4. Spring Hip Throw (2)
5. Escapes from Head Chancery (3)
6. Kicks - Pad Work
Left and Right Roundhouse
Left and Right Front Snap
Left and Right Back Kick
7. Back Kick Right Leg Only (5)
8. Combinations: Right Front Kick followed by Left Roundhouse
9. Combinations: Left Punch followed by Elbow Strike kata
10. Combinations: Left and Right Punch followed by Right Roundhouse Kick
11. Scissor Kick
12. Jumping Roundhouse Kick
13. Wall techniques (4)