1. Crab Craw Scissors Throw
2. Drawing Ankle s
Senior Green Belt Syllabus
Senior Green
Belt Syllabus
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From Right Lunge Punch
3. Stamp Throw
4. Two Methods of Escape When Held
Under arms from behind
Over arms from behind
Under arms from front
Over arms from front
5. Knee Wheel (2)
6. Bar Choke (2)
7. Variations on Shoulder Throws
Dropping Version of a Full Shoulder
Half Shoulder
Lapel Throw
Shoulder Thrust
Full Nelson
Half Nelson
8. Variations on Strangle Holds in Kata form
9. Two Methods of Escape from  
10. Front Scissors Throw
11. Defence against Hair Grab (front and back)
12. Defence against being dragged across the floor.